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Our services allow you to be assisted and guarantee you optimum results for each of the following missions.

Accounting and fiscal matter missions
Assistance in setting up companies
Bank procedures
Keeping accounts and drawing up the annual accounts, drafting intermediate statements if required
Administrative and legal publication formalities (resignations, transfers of head office)
VAT declarations
Tax declarations
Drawing up provisional profit and loss accounts and management charts
Management audits
Administrative assistance
Assistance with appeals or tax audits
Auditor office (in accordance with Art. 62 LSC [Luxembourg Business Law])
Financial missions
Assistance in drawing up financial plans, budgets and business plans
Drawing up and verifying tax declarations
Verification and rectification of accounts
Financial analysis
Social secretariat
Drawing up payslips, social declarations and formalities linked to new hires
Assistance in carrying out hiring and redundancy procedures
Assistance in the event of the verification and control of social and fiscal administrations
Declarations in the event of employee sickness
Request for various aid from the Adem (Luxembourg National Employment Administration)
Assistance in creating a company
Assistance in presenting creation projects
Support during the creation or takeover of a company on an economic, financial, legal, social and fiscal level
Drawing up a provisional plan and funding plan
Help in completing grant applications
Monitoring and support when starting up the activity