For very small, small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, contractors,
traders, craftsmen, and associations in the Grand Duchy.


A story of passion, knowledge and recognition acquired over time, and also of a desire: to create our company providing accounting, tax and salaries management services to very small, small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, contractors, traders, craftsmen and associations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

S&N Bureau Comptable has built up its expertise through the experience and the dedicated and diversified activity of its founder partners

Supporting you,
at every stage of your company’s life or your professional career, in order to help you develop your activity and reach the objectives you have set for yourself,
Guiding and assisting you,
through the administrative intricacies and the multiple accounting, fiscal and financial regulations with which you must comply in order for your company to succeed,
Releasing you,
whenever we can from all tasks in relation to accounting compliance, taxation and managing your personnel, so that you can devote yourself fully to your activity in full confidence.
Our departments’ philosophy
We don’t believe in luck

We believe:

in dialogue: essential for reaching your objectives and for a mutually profitable collaboration,
in rigour: the work and steps we undertake on your behalf follow a precise progress plan and comply with fiscal and accounting standards, taking the changes in these into consideration,
in precision: the data we provide to you is reliable, verified and checked with the greatest of attention,
in commitment for performance: S&N Bureau Comptable undertakes to provide you with quality services and to offer you effective solutions to your problems,
in confidentiality: we undertake to work in compliance with ethical and transparent conduct, guaranteeing the interests of our clients at all times.

These basic values and principles are the guarantees of your accounting and fiscal security.
Add to this the commitments listed below and you will understand L.A.C.’s DNA.

CHOOSE S&N Bureau Comptable
You can count on us

You can count on us for a full range of services tailored to your specific
requirements in accounting, financial, fiscal and social secretariat matters.
You can count on us to use our expertise to provide an all round multi-disciplinary approach
to your specific case, for the success of your company.
A service combining flexibility and reactivity with faultless monitoring
of your dossier in order to seek solutions that are firmly results-orientated.
Lastly, you can count on us for clear pricing without surprises, and of course,
for a Moien, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello, a smile and a cup of good coffee.